Cobra Kai: A Nostalgic Show That Appeals to All

Cobra Kai: A Nostalgic Show That Appeals to All

TV reboots of classic movies have often fallen short of delivering fans something new and exciting while still maintaining feelings of nostalgia of the original. That is not the case in “Cobra Kai”, “The Karate Kid”’s continuation. 

“Cobra Kai” resonates with Generation Xers who loved the original while reaching Generation Zers by adding a modern twist. 


Originally released  in 2018 exclusively on YouTube Red, “Cobra Kai” didn’t reach fans of “The Karate Kid”. That changed in late August when it first aired on Netflix, leading to a lot of views and excitement.

The show revives the rivalry between the original “Karate Kid” antagonist, Johnny Lawrence and Danny Larusso 34 years after the famous fight in the 1984 movie. 

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